Religion loves the Light
Science studies the Light
The philosopher speaks of the Light
The mystic kindles the Light

Oh Life !

Walking on your path to realise that there is no path

Searching for You relentlessly to realise that there is nothing to search for

Conquering Yourself to realise that there is nothing to conquer

Become a seeker to realise that YOU ARE the seeker and HE who is sought

Seek your Realisation to realise that there is nothing to realise that is not already there from all eternity

Oh Life ! jump into the Vast Emptiness and be YOU again in the unfathomable Silence

Spiritual Identity beyond our identities

Awakening experience

→ the experience of spiritual awakening

→ an adventure that goes far beyond belief

→ an experience that goes far beyond words

→ far beyond the limits of human experience

→ far beyond our intellectual, logical understanding

→ the Experience of the ultimate Reality of the Universe and of ourselves