Science studies the light


Science tries to understand the ultimate reality, creation, intellectually, using the mind, logic, scientific instruments.

The scientific Albert Einstein discovered that the speed of light is 300 000 km per second. That light takes a second to travel 300 000 km of space between point A and point B. The space-time in which this universe and ourselves exist consists of dense matter and slow vibrations that impede speed of light which can only travel at 300,000 km per second.

This space-time in which we exist is the most visible, most material, the denser part of the cosmic universe. One we can understand through our five senses, our intellect, our logic and scientific instruments.

More we ascend spiritually, the more our vibrations are accelerating, becoming more subtle so we are in harmony with states increasingly subtle matter. More subtle matter is, the more light can travel quickly.

And when we are in spiritual experience, in the unity of all things, the light is simultaneously at point A and B. It has its source in the Unmanifest, the Absolute, beyond space and time. It is omnipresent. It is the spiritual experience. We are everywhere. We are the Life of all life.