Religion teaches us to believe


Religions try to explain the sense of Life. But eternal Life, the Life, which motivates everything, goes far beyond what we perceive with our five senses. So it doesn’t have any sense. It simply IS.

Religions try to explain the origins of life, the universe. But the origin of everything and therefore of our-selves is not to be found in books, in speeches or religious dogmas and scientific theories. It lies in the deepest part of our-selves and can only be found through the spiritual Experience, through the experience of the Impersonal lived in a personal way.

Religions teach us to believe in a God we cannot know in this world, but will maybe know in the other one.

But their original message has been lost in the mists of times and human mind. Religions have become simple systems of belief, which can come into conflict with each other.

But they are also soothing to many people’s aching heart, and can also represent a step, a preparation on the way to the spiritual Experience.

Belief and doubt

Faith and doubt are the two aspects of the same thing. They are based in the mental. As long as we stay in the state of human consciousness we are always wavering between belief and doubt. The one who doubts and the one who believes is the ego, our human personality, the person we think we are.

Religion teaches us to believe in “something”, which exceeds human understanding.

The sceptical person doubts this “something”.

Belief and scepticism are based in the mental. The source of all creation and therefore of the mental goes beyond our five senses, beyond the mental. This source can’t be “understood” with our five senses, at least as long as we live in human consciousness.

To “know” the universal Source of all creation or what religions call God we have to let go of the ego, of the search, the belief.

Then the ultimate Reality reveals itself in all its Splendour.

Then one knows and this Knowledge, as a personally lived experience, can’t be taken from us by anything or anyone, no one can ever destroy it, it is eternal.

There is no belief as we are what we used to think, and much more. As one knows through the lived experience, there is no doubt left. There is no ego left to believe in something which exceeds its understanding.

There is no belief, there is the absolute Certitude, the immutable Knowledge through the personally lived Experience.