Spiritual Identity beyond our identities


Dear reader,

With this book I would like you to share an outstanding adventure, which leads far beyond words. Far beyond our intellectual, logical comprehension.

Hopefully this journey will lead you to share with me a true adventure which brought me far over the limits of humane experience to where the deepest aspect of every-one is to be found: it is only waiting to open and blossom like the lotus showing all its beauty above the mire of human passions. Besides the physical, human journey, this adventure took me to the spiritual Experience, to the Experience of the final Reality of the Universe and of our-selves, the Experience of the Divine Self.

The words in this book are only a support I used to try to pass on in the most true and authentic way the experience of a reality that IS, far beyond words and logic.

It is a journey that brought me a Love, a Happiness, a Peace and a Freedom surpassing human awareness.

To understand this book one shouldn’t try to perceive the words as they are understood in a novel, for example, but let oneself be carried away by them and by a journey that is as well physical as it is human and spiritual. This adventure will lead you far beyond hope, far beyond what we can understand, conceive, imagine and dream in a state of human consciousness, through our five senses. A journey which surpasses our ordinary logic in order to lead us to another comprehension of Life, of the Universe and our-selves.

And now I wish you a pleasant journey.

The publisher's word

→ "Alain Badan describes a remarkable journey, which leads him first to cross geographical borders, from Switzerland to Australia and Japan, and then to the island of the gods, Bali. But it leads him especially to experience another "journey", which might be called an initiatory one: he discovers his spiritual identity, which allows him to find a new place and a new awareness of himself in relation to the universe. The author is in no way a proselyte and he never intends to be a "Guru"! His tale is simply meant as a testimony, sensitive and moving, attentive to human beings and thereby likely to arouse the interest of the reader and a desire to share this absolute spiritual adventure".

Book information

Title: Spiritual Identity
Author: Alain Badan
Softcover, pike
Printed: ISBN 9782322027491
Ebook: ISBN 9782322027736
Languages: english and french
Format: printed and ebook
Éditor: Book on Demand