About the author


I’ve always been the adventurous type, I wanted to discover the world, other peoples, other cultures and ways of living.

The making of a career, the founding of a family didn’t seem the right path to choose. I had always been looking, at first unconsciously, for another kind of happiness, of freedom than those suggested by society.

At a very early stage I was attracted by wide spaces, by stories of adventures. I was dreaming of travelling around the world, of having enthralling adventures. During my teens I was reading avidly books concerning spirituality, especially those by Arnaud Desjardins. He brought me know about the great Wise Persons of India and the holy mountain of Arunachala, in southern India, which I was lucky to discover in 2011.

Then in 1980 I had the possibility of leaving Europe for the first time and to travel to the country I had so much dreamt of, India. It became an unforgettable journey of about four months, during which I travelled around this huge country. And then in New Delhi, at Connaught place, I had the most incredible encounter of my life.

"Connaught place is a big circular place with a great dome in its centre and a park covering a little round market place underneath. This park is surrounded by a large sidewalk with stone benches here and there. I was sitting on a bench without any special goal in mind when I noticed something in the park on my left. Sitting on the ground in the Lotus pose position was a man looking a little like Gandhi and wearing only a white cloth around his waist. Physically he looked old and frail, but there was a strength radiating from him, a superhuman power. He appeared to be at the same time here and somewhere else, and no one seemed to notice him. I couldn’t stop looking at him. Time seemed to have stopped. Then suddenly his gaze lighted up and plunged into my deepest self. I was turned upside down, and deeply moved. This spiritual Being knew me infinitely better than I knew myself. This look of the Sage said to me "look, you also are THAT". This look, the Darshan of the Wise one, has been engraved into my soul for eternity..."

In the following years I worked in Switzerland in the summer and discovered South East Asia, Japan and Australia in the winter...